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I don't say our and mean my in the royal  or general sense my site is merely a portal to better sites opened in Iframes the content there is not mine I have found a way to visit multiple good sites in one place. If anyone objects to my style of linking sites or thinks I have no content of my own they are very much mistaken I added and created various avatars on IMVU for here and a special deathnote youtube channel in an Iframe so people can use it to see my DeathNote videos and find others at theit leisure. I have added various social networks and forums including my all in one social network Chessnut in a nut shell it is a sort of home page where you can check your FaceBook, Myspace, emails, about everything you can think of without dashing around trying to find it all it is on the page entitle you page. The MicroBook Page is a shared social network I have on my other websites too it also has forums of various sorts and also is linked to my Chessnut homepage so it can be used the MicroBook network.


In DeathNote Light Yagami son of a Police man and idealist finds a way to reach a Utopian world without evil doers like Jekyll and Hyde he lives out his dark dream chased by the police and the press and fans. He joins forces with the police pretending to help them while under surveillance by the police and he knows it and still he manages to kill criminals.  Even he is taken aback when Kira holds a tv station  to blood ransome and sends a message killing a Kira hater on another channel and threatens to kill innocent people and kills one of the policemen. They realise it is not the original Kira he would not do this.

Light is sees this Kira II as a danger to him and realises this one has the eyes it can see names and doesn't need to know their victims names before they kill like Light. Kira and Kira II meet Kira II turns out to be tv star Misa Amane she looks on Kira as a hero, her hero, she hero worships and maybe even loves him anything he did was fine with her  but her god of death protects her she knows Kira would kill Misa if Misa died his name would be in her death god's book and he would die and so Kira and Kira II work together if you want to know more watch the series or the movies I don't want to spoil it too much.

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